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Welcome to KOA Kenpo Karate

Koa in battle. The word “koa” means “warrior” in Hawaiian.

The warriors of King Kamehameha the Great, created canoes and weapons from a wood plentiful on the Big Island of Hawaii. This wood became synonymous with the warriors themselves, and it became known as koa.
Some of the early Hawaiian weapons were called “lei-o-mano.” These weapons were made of shark’s teeth, marlin bills, and koa wood. They were often used for hand-to-hand combat and were highly effective with slashing and ripping the flesh in one cross-body motion,

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Our Programs

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Empower your children through martial arts and exercise to help them achieve their goals and also provide the tools to face every day challenges..

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Children thru teens classes. this is our most successful program, learn to set goals, boost self confidence, discipline and combat conditioning.

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Helping to meet parent and children needs during summer break. Kenpo karate empowering your children through martial arts and exercise...

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For the busy mom that wants to achieve her weight loss goal but also concerned about learning self defense, our program offers the best...

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Start Training Today In KOA

The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. Make the commitment to be healthy. We'll be your partner every step (or plank or squat thrust) of the way. Contact us for a free tour!

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